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2021 Regional Emmy Winner: Technical Achievement

In 2021, Ryan Simmons celebrated a significant milestone in his career by winning a regional Emmy award in Technical Achievement. His exceptional work as an editor, videographer, and motion graphic designer on the children's educational program "Weather Experience" garnered well-deserved recognition. As an integral part of the production team, his camera work brought weather phenomena to life. Additionally, Ryan’s creative use of motion graphics enhanced the learning experience, making complex meteorological concepts accessible and engaging. Through his contributions to "Weather Experience," they have entertained, educated, and inspired young audiences, showcasing the profound impact of media in children's educational programming.

Originally from Metro Detroit. With a BA in Film, Video, and Media Studies from Western Michigan University. After dedicating over three years to working in television, Ryan decided to go back to school. Currently pursuing an MFA in Documentary Film at Wake Forest University, he is committed to furthering his expertise in capturing authentic narratives. Beyond his filmmaking pursuits, Ryan finds solace in the world of music. Skilled in guitar, bass, and piano, he channels his creativity and passion into musical expression. With a unique blend of artistic vision and technical proficiency, Ryan is dedicated to bringing compelling stories to life through the lens of the camera. Get in touch today to collaborate on your next creative project.

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